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How to break concrete or crack split rocks easily?

If you are looking to split rocks, it already sounds like a stressful task. We always imagine such a task involves hours of drilling and many more hours of rock cutting. But such a task can be less daunting with the use of a Demolition Powder. There is no better option than this in the market to crack concrete or split rocks.

The use of such a power can also be a great aid to control the amount of dust generated, the sounds created from rock cutting and the damage to nature from the discharge of debris. The biggest advantage is that it both fast and an extremely cost-effective way.

To achieve these you must keep in mind the following steps.

Step One – Before you start

Make sure you have everything you need for the process arranged before you jump into it. For your safety, use rubber gloves, safety goggles, a face mask, and work-friendly cloths. You will need the demolishing agent of any make, many bottles of clean water, a big tub to mix them and a measuring cup to pour the mixture. You will also need a strong drill to punch holes in the surface and wooden sticks to mix the combination. You might also want to keep some basic first-aid and medical kit in handy in case of any mishap.

Step Two – The Drilling

Before you can go to mixing the Demolition Powder, you need to make your drill-holes. These holes are what you will pour your mixture into. Using a strong drilling machine, make narrow holes in the concrete slab or rock surface. You must make multiple holes depending gon the surface area of the rock you wish to split. There should be spaced to allow enough room for the rock to crack. Once you have made the holes, blow them with some air to free it from any lodged derbies or dust. You want a smooth, clean passage for the mixture to flow.

Step Three – The Mixture

Once you have finished the drilling process it is not time to mix the infamous Soundless Cracking Agent. For this take the powder and mix it with clean water. You must constantly stir the mixture to makes sure you get lump-free, consistent concoction. Use only the amount of power you think you will need for the number of holes that have drilled. The mixed cannot be stored for later use, so use it wisely.   

Step Four – Pouring

Using the measuring cup, pour the mixture into the holes you drilled. Make sure you have filled them till the brim for more effective results. Once they are all filled, let them sit. After around 5-6 hours you will notice fine cracks will start to appear on the surface of the slab or the rock. This is because the mixture is expanding and causing an outwards force. So in a way, you have cracked the surface with the magic of science. 

If you are looking to break concrete or crack, split rocks easily, then there can be way easier than this. The Soundless Cracking Agent is as simple as a DIY project that has made this overwhelming task, simple indeed.