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How to Break Heavy Rocks Noiselessly?

Several circumstances call for the demolition of large structures and rock into smaller pieces. This could be carried out for various purposes, such as for construction or the clearance of land or easy transportation. One factor that is always associated with demolition and destruction of rocks is the excessive sound and the pollution which becomes very common throughout the entire duration of the process. Such large noises are very disruptive in nature, and can, in fact, cause harm to moderately functioning human ear. Due to this very reason, most local authorities have banned such work that involves loud noises during the night.

The 21st century has been the era of technological and research advancements, hence one could expect a clever solution for this problem at hand. The construction industry has been provided with several support equipment that could possibly find a feasible solution for the issue of noise pollution during the process of demolition. Several organizations have been working on creating a substance or an element that can help with the demolition of huge rocks with relatively very less noise range and amplification. Thus began the formulation of the silent cracking powder, which acts as an agent to reduce the sound effects of heavy rock demolition.

The non – explosive stone cracking powder has been designed in order to cater to the needs of any industry that requires the demolition of large rocks, such as for construction, transportation, and clearing of land. This agent was tested by the authorities of the nation in order to ensure its safety levels and its effectiveness.

Given below are a few of the features of the stone cracking powder.

  • The demolition of rocks can now be carried out in a controlled and organized manner that would ensure its proper break down without any disruption.
  • The major advantage of this agent is the drastic reduction in the dust levels in the vicinity of the demolition. This is an environmentally friendly method and can be incorporated in any part of the world.
  • There have been several incidents that have taken the lives of people who work for companies that carry out the rock demolition, but the use of the silent cracking powder eliminates the possibilities of accidents and reduces the risk factor to the minimal range. Hence, it follows all the moral codes as well as sticks to the human rights laws of the nation.
  • Extremely easy to use and can be done within a small time period.

A few of the major applications of the stone cracking powder have been mentioned below.

  • Mining: The mining industry deal with excavations and demolitions of large types of rocks and caves. This can prove to be very difficult at times, therefore the non – explosive agent would be very advantageous and safe for use in the mines.
  • Construction: The construction industry often makes use of large stones and rocks. Construction of various buildings in the public and private sectors could make use of these agents.