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How to use Crackamite Expansive Demolition Agent?

Rock demolition is one of the most tedious tasks put in the hands of engineers and contractors. This is hard, for obvious reasons. What makes it worse the long processed that comes with it. All forms of rock demolitions are loud and cause multiple side effects to nature, and the people behind the tools. Crackamite powder is one of these innovative solutions that fix multiple problems.

Crakamite is a non-explosive and safe demolition agent. This is very different from the conventional chemical demolition agents as it does not cause and dangerous explosions. This also means it’s a noise-free process. Additionally, you cut away the problem of gound vibrations, gas generations, dust, and environmental damage.

This Non-explosive Demolition Powder is made from non-toxic elements which makes it a good fit for all types of jobs. You can depend on them to not leave behind any sooth, or residue which could harm the people working with it or sold around it. If you are looking to make demolitions without effecting any surrounding structure or rocks, then this is the perfect choice for you. Crakamite is suitable for use on marbles, granite, concrete, boulders, and even limestone. 

The use of this Crackamite is extremely simple.You must start by drilling a narrow and deep hole through the length of the rock face you with to demolish. Make sure this is done with an air-drill, as you want as little particles and dust inside the drilled hole. Once you have the hole drilled, make sure it free of any other liquids such as water. The next step is mixing the Crackamite powder with clean water. Make sure to use a long stick to stir the mixture till you get a thick and smooth consistency. Always use rubber glows and eye protection while mixing.

Once the combination is ready, using a measuring cup, pour the liquid into the drilled holes. Make sure you fill it all the way to the top. Now let the diluted Crackamite cool naturally. When it does, it will swell up inside inserted holes. This will cause an outward force leading to the fracture of the rock and splitting them open. The rock will slip into sections along the length of drilled holes. This way, without using any machines you have overcome a complex process using a simple Non-explosive Demolition Powder.

Before the use of Crackamite, makes sure your surface is suitable to such use and you have the supervision of someone with experience. Another thing to remember is to only mix the amount you need for the job and the unused mixture should be discarded safely.

The use of such an agent is not just effective and fast, but also very extremely cost-effective.  If you opt for a conventional explosion method, you need to invest in the long rental hours of machines, transportations, skilled operators and more. They also take a longer time to finish the process and require a lot of cleaning up after. The use of Crakamite can make your demolition process as smooth as it can be, while still keeping a helpful eye on the environment.