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How to Use Demolition Powder to Break Concrete or Rocks?

The demolition powder has had a huge success in the Indian market due to its higher productivity rate and the efficiency with which the demolition process could be done.

The method of using demolition powder in order to break concrete structures or rocks for various purposes have been explained below.

  • The first step involves the drilling of the rocks, which is done so as to create an opening for the demolition agent. The stones could be of varying sizes and are to be done within a space interval. The diameter, though variable, shouldn’t be towards the extreme ends of being either too small or too big.
  • The next step is to create a mixture of the stone cutting powder by completely mixing the required amount in clear water. Upon having done this, a paste is created. The proportion of the powder to water needs to be measured precisely in order to avoid any complications.
  • This mixture is then to be poured into the holes that had been previously created on the structure that is to be demolished.
  • Once it has completely set into the concrete or rocks, a slight expansion could be noticed which eventually ends up breaking the rock into smaller pieces.

Based on the temperature divisions of the rocks which are obtained from different places and for various purposes, the non – explosive demolition powder needs to be selected. This selection is extremely crucial and needs to be done with great care and accuracy. Given below are the three ranges of temperature based on which the non – explosive powder needs to be chosen.

  • Type 1: Rock or Concrete of the temperature range of ( 25 to 35 ) degree centigrade
  • Type 2: Rock or Concrete of the temperature range of ( 15 to 25 ) degree centigrade
  • Type 3: Rock or Concrete of the temperature range of ( 0 to 15 ) degree centigrade

Listed below are a few of the precautionary measures that need to be taken into consideration before the demolition process is carried out.

  • The demolition powder creates a soundless blowout, and hence it important for all the individuals who are involved in this process to step away towards the safe range until the demolition has been successfully completed.
  • Upon having completed the entire process it is very important for all the individuals to present during the process to wash their eyes and other sensitive regions, as the alkaline nature of the mixture could cause irritation and burning.
  • During the entire duration of the demolition process, it is crucial for the employees to make use of safety goggles, rubber gloves, and other safety equipment in order to ensure that any kind of unfortunate event doesn’t take place.
  • The general public needs to be cleared out of the site of demolition prior to having started the procedure of demolition. This is done in order to make sure that there are no accidental injuries or casualties due to the negligence of the authorized personnel.