Non-explosive Demolition Powder

Non explosive demolition agent is a kind of expansive chemical product, which is designed to instead traditional dynamite, it works with non-explosive and soundless, even no vibration,which is popular in the international quarrying and demolishing market. When mixed with clean and cold water to be mortar and poured into pre-drilling holes of rock and concrete, it swells and exerts expansive capabilities on the hole-wall at a unit value of more than 50 Mpa (500kg/cm2 or 1,058,203.00 pounds/ square inch.) which is strong enough to cut and crack concrete, marble and granite after a certain period.


Non explosive demolition agent works without the worries of noise, implosions, air blasts, ground vibration, flying rock or dust. Use Non-Explosive Demolition Agent for underwater demolition of concrete and rock breaking. Breaks rock and cut concrete underwater by using plastic tubing.

Non-Explosive Demolition Agent is a powder with amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength when mixed with common water. Poured into the same holes where explosive are traditionally placed in, it breaks reinforced concrete and rock safely, while providing SILENT cracking.


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