Soundless Cracking Chemicals

Soundless Cracking Chemicals cracking agent is a soundless and safe demolition agent which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and dangerous materials. It does not cause any fly rock, noise, ground vibration, gas, dust or any other environmental pollution when used properly.

As requirements for demolishing rock and reinforced concrete in construction increase in tight quarters, the use of explosives and explosive agents is becoming more restricted as far as safety and environmental pollution problems are concerned. Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent is the solution.



A. Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite quarrying and cutting
B.  Rocks pre-splitting, fracture, cutting, demolishing and removal
C.  Controlled demolition or cutting concrete when explosives not allowed
D.  Fracture and demolition of the concrete buildings and structures
E.  Rocks cutting for road construction
F.  Excavation of trenches and foundations
G.  Underground excavations and removing boulders
H.  Marine excavations including underwater operations


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