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How to use Crackamite Expansive Demolition Agent?

Rock demolition is one of the most tedious tasks put in the hands of engineers and contractors. This is hard, for obvious reasons. What makes it worse the long processed that comes with it. All forms of rock demolitions are loud and cause multiple side effects to nature, and the people behind the tools. Crackamite powder is one of these innovative solutions that fix multiple problems.

Crakamite is a non-explosive and safe demolition agent. This is very different from the conventional chemical demolition agents as it does not cause and dangerous explosions. This also means it’s a noise-free process. Additionally, you cut away the problem of gound vibrations, gas generations, dust, and environmental damage.

Demolition Powder - Crackamite & Rock Breaking Powder

This Non-explosive Demolition Powder is made from non-toxic elements which makes it a good fit for all types of jobs. You can depend on them to not leave behind any sooth, or residue which could harm the people working with it or sold around it. If you are looking to make demolitions without effecting any surrounding structure or rocks, then this is the perfect choice for you. Crakamite is suitable for use on marbles, granite, concrete, boulders, and even limestone.

How does one make use of crackamite expansive demolition agent?

Crackamite must be properly mixed with clean and pure water in order to create a paste-like substance. Several holes are to be drilled into the rock structures prior to mixing the agent, later on, the paste-like substance is to be poured into the holes. Upon setting, the crackamite expands significantly thus applying a large amount of pressure on the rock. This results in the final splitting of the large structure without any noise, vibrations, or harmful chemicals being released into the air.

How to Use Crackamite Expansive Demolition Agent?

It is often noticed that the demolition of large rocks and stones results in a lot of disruption and environmental pollution. Due to these disadvantages, there have been several discussions on the creation of a non–explosive and safe to use an agent that could help in carrying out the demolition without much noise. As compared to the present day traditional methods of the demolition of rocks, the newer agents that make use of the latest chemical combinations are a lot safer and advantageous in all the industrial sectors


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